Elderberry for Immunity: All You Need To Know

Hello there. In this article, I am going to give you guys the rundown of the benefits of elderberry. I know it’s getting a lot of popularity right now because of its immune-boosting properties. I kind of just wanted to break down why it’s something we all go to when we are either feeling under the weather or we are, you know, sicknesses in the air. We are all aware of the coronavirus pandemic, and one thing which will determine how much we resist it is the strength of our immune system, so everyone is always on the lookout for something that will help boost the immune system.

 I just want to give you guys that little rundown. Now always with the benefit of these, The disclaimers what works for me may not work for you; always do more research. So it is advisable you do not just take what you hear at face value; definitely research for yourself. This is not a cure-all, it is not something that is in substitute for a treatment, it’s just something we like to use to keep our immune systems up to help give us a little boost, but it is definitely not the “oh this is big” here – just wanted to put all that out there. So let us go ahead and jump into the benefits of elderberry.

From the European elder trees, some because Sambucus Nigra is black elderberry and some guess is the genus of the flower of the flowering plant, and different species of it is commonly what is called elderberry or other. So the benefits of this flower include:

It is an immune system booster, so it’s naturally high in vitamin C, vitamin A, vitamin B 6, iron, and potassium, and usage within the first 48 hours of symptoms for cold and flu can help reduce the duration of those by days. It has antioxidant properties. So it has higher levels of flavonoids than blackberries, blueberries, cranberries, and goji berries when it comes to antioxidant power.

It has anti-inflammatory properties that can help remedy sinus infections when it comes to a nasal passage and being inflamed. It’s a natural diuretic, and it encourages healthy skin with its natural contents of bioflavonoid, antioxidants, and vitamin A. So those are just some of the benefits or the main ones you find when you start to do some research into elderberry.

So just how I personally use it? I use two different forms; I have a liquid and a pill form. So the liquid form I reserved for when I am really, like feeling something in my throat or I know I’m not feeling my best, I will get the liquid version just because it is faster acting since it can go right there into your system. So I like to reserve that for when I’m definitely not feeling well. The pills I prefer to take pretty much all the time, especially right now. But normally between mid-fall, early spring is when I take it consistently and then like the liquid, I’ll just take it when I know I’m not feeling well, or if I am aware that there is something like a bug going around like in my office or something like that. But right now, I’m taking it consistently because of obvious reasons. But yeah, that is pretty much how I use both of these.

This is something that has been in my arsenal for years. It is one of the best herbs I found to help me stay healthy and just stay upright and helps reduce the chances of me getting sick. So that’s just how I like to use them. Another good thing is, it is one of those herbs that you can take pretty much all the time, and you can increase the dosage. So most of them say take about, you know the minimums up to or up to four doses a day, especially if you are not feeling well. So it’s not something that is really going to cause you problems if there is excess in your body. So that is always good. So yeah, there are a lot of places online where you can get these, and getting them from us is your best bet. Make sure you let me know if you guys have any questions about elderberry, I will be glad to answer them. Don’t forget to subscribe to our email newsletter so you will always get an update the next time I upload something that will help you boost your immune system. Share this post if you found it helpful, and I will surely make more posts that will help boost your overall health.