Elderberry: The Healing Plant

According to several studies, elderberry can help boost immunity. No plant has attracted scientific scrutiny like elderberry. Its immune-boosting potential is what has convinced scholars that it can be useful for health and wellness.

  • Leading scholars have lauded the benefits of elderberry. It is constantly being featured by top media outlets.

A person who is afflicted with disease stands to benefit from this plant. That doesn’t mean that you should stop using medication and only use elderberry because of elderberry vitamins benefits. You should only use these berries to support your medication.

Food is Medicine

Your food can be your medicine. Food can either support your health or ruin it. Elderberry has many culinary purposes. Food that has elderberry will heal your body from the inside out. This is the kind of food that you need to eat instead of eating processed foods such as burgers and French fries.

  • You can use elderberries in preparing crumbles and pies. The final product will not only have a delicious taste but it will also be packed with antioxidants that will heal your body.
  • Since time immemorial, elderberry has been used in making wine. A glass of elderberry wine every day will help you to live longer.
  • You should try out elderberry soup. You can find recipes online that will help you to prepare this kind of soup.

The Healing Plant

Elderberry has been called the healing plant. The healing power of this plant is backed by science. Hippocrates mentioned elderberry in his writings. He emphasized elderberry vitamins benefits. He considered this to be an important plant to have in the medical chest.

In most ancient cultures, elderberry was widely used for health and wellness. The Native Americans considered it to be an important plant. They used it to treat a wide range of infections. In ancient Egypt, it was used for beauty purposes.

Elderberry Nutrition

Elderberry is highly nutritious. There are several elderberry vitamins benefits. They include vitamin C, vitamin E, and vitamin B. These vitamins are important for health. Vitamin C is vital for growth and development. It is required for the proper absorption of minerals. This will help you to have strong bones and teeth.

  • Vitamin C from elderberry will also help your skin. It plays a role in the formation of collagen, which gives the skin its suppleness. Without an adequate supply of vitamin C, you will have rough and wrinkled skin.
  • Elderberry is also packed with dietary fiber. This is needed for ultimate wellbeing. Fiber will support the digestion process. If your diet lacks fiber, you will have problems digesting food. This will make it hard for you to obtain full nutrition from food.
  • When talking about elderberry, it is not only about elderberry vitamins benefits. This plant also has small amounts of protein and fat. Every cell in your body is made up of proteins. You need an adequate supply of protein for the repair of cells. If your diet lacks protein, you will become sick.

Your Diet Should Have Healing Plants

You should make elderberry and other healing plants to be part of your diet. This is the kind of diet that will nourish your body. You need a well-balanced diet. Such a diet has all the major nutrients including minerals, proteins, starch, and vitamins.

Role in Fighting Inflammation

Because it is loaded with antioxidants, elderberry helps to fight inflammation. Most diseases are caused when cells become inflamed. Elderberry will help in slowing down the rate of inflammation. This will help your heart, lungs, skin, and other organs.

Elderberry Can Reduce Cold & Flu

According to a study by Harvard University, elderberry can help fight cold and flu. It can be beneficial for influenza. However, you should use it as a supportive agent while still using your medication. That means that you shouldn’t forego your flu medication even if you believe in the power of elderberry vitamins benefits.

Pain Relief

The leaves of the elder plant are known to have pain relief qualities. Elderberry offers 100% natural pain relief. It is the perfect alternative for pharmaceutical painkillers which are made using many chemicals. These painkillers are usually not very effective in fighting pain. In addition, it is easy to be addicted to them.

  • When the conventional painkillers fail, you should try something natural such as elderberry. This is devoid of harmful chemicals and it will also boost your immunity.

Elderberry is Good for Heart Health

Nowadays, many people complain of heart problems. Heart disease is the number one killer in the world. Every year, millions of people die because of heart problems. These are caused by lifestyle issues.

Elderberry juice will help in reducing cholesterol, which is the primary cause of coronary problems. This will reduce the risk of heart disease.

Fighting Cancer

Studies show that the European elder can help in fighting cancer. It is possible to prevent different types of cancer by regularly eating elderberry. As it is commonly said, prevention is better than cure. Cancer is one of those diseases that require prevention.

Where is Elderberry Found?

This plant grows in different parts of the world. However, the European elderberry is the one that is commonly used. There is also the American elder.

The European elder can grow to a height exceeding 9 meters. Its flowers are white and the berries are blue.

Which Parts of the Plant are Useful?

Different parts of the elder plants can be used for medicinal or culinary purposes. Some people usually cook using elderberry. The berries need to be cooked before being eaten. For the flowers, you can cook them or eat them raw. They have a very sweet aroma.

Elderberry Supplementation

Nowadays, there are many elderberry supplements. You need to be very careful about where you source your supplements because some supplements are normally laced with toxic agents.

  • You should find a reputable brand of supplements. You need to follow the instructions provided by the manufacturer when using a product.

Using elderberry supplements is not bad. However, it is always advisable to use the natural elderberry that has not undergone any processing, if you can access it. If you can’t access it, you should consider supplementation.

The Bottom-Line

Elderberry will improve your physical and mental health. It will help in fighting stress, anxiety, and depression. Many ailments can be successfully treated using elderberry. This will help you to avoid the toxic effects of medication.

Elderberry Gummies – Not Only For The Elderly

Are you in search of a multivitamin that can boost your immunity, give you a balanced, functioning, fine healthy body, and chase those free radicals away? A multivitamin that is not only delicious but also gelatin free, free of some allergens and also vegan friendly? Well friend, have you tried Elderberry gummies?

Elderberry gummies contains antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties, they support the body’s immune system, protect you from flu, can help lower blood pressure and regulate your sugar levels. Elderberry gummies contains no additives, they boost your natural immune system, do not contain genetically modified organisms, gluten free and vegan friendly. A healthy choice for your entire family!

Benefits of elderberry gummies

  • Contains antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties
  • Elderberries are good for your heart
  • Can help in boosting the immune system
  • Help promote the body’s natural immune defense
  • Reduce the severity of flu-like symptoms
  • They can help elevate your mood
  • They can reduce blood pressure.
  • Elderberries can aid in constipation and help fight respiratory conditions
  • Beneficial for both young and old.

Below, we have reviewed seven of the best elderberry gummies suitable for you and your family.

Sambucus standardized elderberry gummies

Super delicious black elderberry extract gummies combined with zinc and vitaminC to boost your immune system Each of the elderberry used to produce our berry flavored gummies is harvested and handpicked at the appropriate time, and frozen immediately so as to preserve them. These berries undergo quality analysis testing. They are rich in anthocyanins. These elderberry extract have undergone bio availability testing and has been proven to be active in the body. It is age friendly, both the young and old can consume a healthy dose of it. Our black elderberry extract provides bioactive flavonoid contents.

Sambucus standardized elderberry gummies are also gluten free, with zero artificial coloring and additives. The combination of zinc, vitaminC and our black elderberry extract helps support the body’s natural immune defense. Our elderberry is made with pectin as base, sweetened further with organic tapioca syrup and cane sugar, you bet your kids are going to love the taste! You could probably use it as dessert after lunch.

These elderberry gummies can help prevent the flu and other respiratory infections. Our delicious berry flavored gummies is exactly what you and your family needs to support your immune.

Zena elderberry gummies

Supports the immune system for up to a year, contains antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties with major levels of flavonoids which can help preserve your body from free radicals. Our elderberry gummies are made with natural ingredients, dairy free, and has a delicious taste. One gummy contains 75mg of elderberry extract. This paleo friendly, soy free, Non-GMO gummy is a palatable choice for you and your household. Adults can take a gummy daily with or without a meal or as prescribed by your doctor.

Culturelle elderberry gummies for kids

These chewables contains probiotic, vitamin C, and zinc to promote your kids health, boost their immune system and keep them active for the day. These immunity chewables are made of natural elderberry fruit juice, 100% lactobacillus rhamnosus GG, a probiotic strain for kids. They are not too hard to chew or swallow, the chewables are carefully protected in their container, after opening the lid, there’s a strong seal to keep the chewables fresh and prevent tampering. It is safe and highly effective, helps bring out the best in your little ones, they are sugar, gluten, dairy, and peanuts free. Best choice for kids between ages 3-12.

Essential elements elderberry gummies

Essential elements elderberry gummies boost their black elderberries with key ingredients such as vitamin C, Echinacea, etc. These gummy berries contain anti-inflammatory properties, protects you and your family from flu-like symptoms.

Staunch labs elderberry gummies

These vegan free elderberries provides support for your immune system with their power packed zinc, vitamin C, and elderberries. They are affordable, no presence of added sugar identified, and they are manufactured under the supervision of the food and drug administration (FDA).

Nature’s bounty elderberry gummies

Consuming nature’s bounty elderberry gummies guarantees you a healthy body, energy, improved skin, and protection from respiratory infections. These gummies are laced with rich minerals and vitamins with pleasant taste to make chewing fun. Taking 2 per day, is all you need.

Megafood elderberry gummies

These gummies contain natural boosters that will help your immune system, stabilize your sugar levels and also reduce your blood pressure. It has undergone quality testing and has been proven safe for consumption. Megafood elderberry gummies are vegan friendly, have no artificial flavors, can be taken with or without food. It’s the best choice for you and yours.

Bottom line: Taking elderberries is the best thing you can do to boost your immune system and that of your family, take an elderberry today and feel better.

Lifestyle Effect On Your Immune System

What you do, feed on and eat have an effect on your immune system. That is why you must be cautious of your everyday activities. Even the surrounding you live in and people you interact with can affect your immune system in a way. Some lifestyle changes might be imposed on you by your environment; however you still determine to a large extent the lifestyle changes you adopt. You must always remember that no matter what choice you make, your health will be its reflection.

Since you can make changes that will have a positive effect on your immune system,it is important to know what choice to make. Below are some choices that can help to enhance your immune system:


Life can be hard. Surviving in these times can be difficult. Things may not always happen as planned. You may have money problems, a demanding job, a relationship that is not working and many other things.However, you need to take a chill pill.Avoid anything that is stressful. Stress, especially prolonged one, weakens your immune system. It can prevent the effectiveness of your immune system, making you more prone to harmful microorganisms. It can also lead to depression, amnesia, stroke, heart attack, high blood pressure. Therefore, avoid it as much as you can.

2. Exercise

Do you want to rev up your immune system? Then engage in exercises. Exercise will help ease stress and make you free of some kinds of disease. It helps in the strengthening and production of white blood cells (leucocytes) which fight diseases. It doesn’t have to be hard; walking, dancing, jogging, hiking, cycling are moderate exercises you can engage in. to ensure your immune system is in an awesome condition, incorporate exercise into your lifestyle.

3. Eat fruits

Fruits and vegetables are filled with antioxidants which guard against molecules that harm the cell. This helps to strengthen your immune system. Consume a wide variety of fruits and vegetables like oranges, green peppers, spinach, broccoli, blueberries, strawberries, carrots, pawpaw, leafy greens and watermelon.

You are what you eat. So eat well.

4. Hang out with friends

Strong social ties can have a big effect on your immune system. Hang out with your friends and loved ones. Broaden your circle. Volunteer, join a group that interests you or attend parties.Have real fun.

5. Worry Less

Think good thoughts. Savour pleasant things you enjoy. Stay happy and don’t dwell on bad stuff. Studies have shown that people who laughed more live longer. This will help your immune system function well.

6. Sleep well

Sleep gives your immune system the strength it needs to defend the body against diseases and illness. Cytokines are released by your immune system when you sleep. This helps to fight off infection and inflammation. An adult needs at least seven hours of sleep a night. Make sure you get enough sleep every day.  Avoid caffeine or alcohol when you are about to go to bed, limit screen time, stick to a regular bedtime schedule and keep the bedroom cool and welcome.

No matter how busy you may be, make sure to get enough rest every day.

7. Have a pet

Pets like dogs and cats can help to boost your immune system. These pets give us a reason to exercise and it has been noticed that pet owners have low blood pressure and cholesterol level.

8. Avoid smoking

If you smoke, you should stop. The adverse effects of smoking cannot be over emphasised. Smoking lowers your immune system function, making your body less resistant to invasions and finding it hard to shake off illnesses and diseases. Stroke, lung cancer and heart disease are few of the conditions that smoking causes.

Drinking alcohol too depletes the immune cells. Cut down your intake of alcohol or stop altogether. It may be hard at first if you are addicted to it but if you are determined and take your health more serious, you will be able to get over the addiction. Remember that health is wealth. Ensure you give it more priority!

9.Age well

Aging weakens your immune system. The older you become, the weaker your body cells get and the more susceptible you are to certain diseases and medical conditions. Aging is a natural phenomenon and there is nothing you can do about it. However, with some lifestyle modifications, it can be a pleasant experience. Eat healthy. Engage in mild exercises, stop bad habits like drinking or smoking, stay away from stress and sleep well. This can help to boost your immune system and slow down the process of aging.

10. Take necessary medications

Health conditions like diabetes, hypertension, and cancer can lower the function and effectiveness of your immune system. So, if you are suffering from any medical condition, make sure you adhere strictly to your doctor’s instructions, take necessary medications and take extreme measures to keep your health in check.

11. Maintain good hygiene

Keep good hygiene. It is another way of strengthening your immune system. Wash your hands often, keep your fingernails short, brush your teeth twice daily, wash your fruits before eating and keep your environment tidy. This will cut down the hiding places of germs and help improve your overall health.

Like the domino effect, the small things we do or don’t do can build on themselves and become something great. For instance, your inability to sleep can be as a result of stress. That you are stressed may be because you dwell on negative stuff too much. That you are sick may be the result of your poor feeding habits. These habits are interlinked and have an effect on your immune system and overall health. Therefore keeping a healthy link between these will have a profound benefit on your health.

What healthy habit do you plan to add to your routine today? What harmful habit will you shelf too? Make those changes and get your immune system stronger and more effective. If it will be, it is up to you!